Voice and Data Cabling

Achieve the highest speed and quality that your equipment can provide.

Modern businesses require a well structured, properly installed cabling system as part of their IT infrastructure solution. The right data cabling system will provide the backbone of your business, ensuring reliable access to the latest communication features, including voice & video calls, file sharing and internet use.

Phone and Data Cabling Specialists

Based in Australia, our team can provide any customer from a single outlet installation to a complete network infrastructure overhaul. 

Successful Design and Installation Process

We will evaluate your requirements and assess your current cabling network. Collaborating with you, we will design, install, commission and maintain a new or updated cabling system. The solution will:

  • Suit your requirements and budget
  • Uphold the highest safety standards
  • Remain easy to manage
  • Have the flexibility and capacity to adapt to future needs and new technologies

Fibre Optic Cabling Solution

Fibre optic cables are network cables that contain long strands of optically pure and thin glass fibre.

Designed for data networking with high-performance, they can transmit digital information over long distances with minimal distortion.

Fibre optic cables are used for business telecommunications because they provide greater bandwidth than wired and traditional metal cables.

Better bandwidth

Fibre optic cables have a greater capacity (bandwidth) than copper wires.

More secure

Optical communication can't be tapped as easily as electrical transmission.

Faster Speeds

Fibre optic cable networks operate at a much higher speed.

Simpler maintenance

Fibre optic cables are less expensive to maintain.